Rural Churches near Edmonton (Page 2)

Especially Ukrainian, Greek and Russian Onion-Domed Roofs

A personal travel view
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More onion-domed rural churches near Edmonton.

On the previous page I mention a Lamont County pamphlet which gave me the idea to go church photo exploring. There are some nice examples in Edmonton but I will leave the recording of big city churches to others. I am more interested in the secluded rural examples.

I have many more local photos at

Many of the examples on this page are close to the massive Upgrader Alley development north-east of Edmonton, Alberta. Most of these photos were taken in July 2008. So far the planners have done a decent job of integrating farms and nature with the industrial development; but the new development will cover many square kilometres and things will not look better.

Fort Sask River Road Fort Sask Bike riders Fort Sask Scotford pond Fort Sask Scotford Upgrader Fort Sask to Bruderheim Bruderheim Shell station

The first two churches are within sight of each other.
Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic Church (Holy Spirit of Jaroslaw Parish) about 1955
(N of Bruderheim on Hwy 38 E of Range Road 203 [3])

Descent of Holy Spirit Jaroslaw Descent of Holy Spirit Church Descent of Holy Spirit Jaroslaw

St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Jaroslaw Parish) 1940
(N of Bruderheim Sth of Hwy 38 on Range Road 203 [4])

St. Demetrius Church Jaroslaw St. Demetrius Church Jaroslaw St. Demetrius Church Jaroslaw

The next two are close together on Range Road 200 Nth of Hwy 45. The third church is 10 km farther north on Range Road 200.
Holy Ascension Russo-Greek Orthodox Church at Skaro 1920 [6].

View to Skaro Holy Cross Church Exulatation of the Holy Cross Church Skaro Holy Cross Church and Graveyard

Exulatation of the Holy Cross Ukrainian Catholic Church at Skaro 1945 [5].

Holy Ascension Church at Skaro Holy Ascension Church roof Holy Ascension Church Bells

Nativity of the Mother of God Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church at Leeshore (Also known as Nativity of the Blessed Vigin Mary Church) 1918 [7].

View to Leeshore church Nativity of the Mother of God Church Nativity of the Mother of God Church Church tower and bell at Leeshore

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church at Delph 1917 [8]
(Range Road 190 Nth of Twp Road 583 [8])

Delph Ukrainian Catholic church Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Two churches and the Peno Hall at Peno, Alberta
Russo-Greek Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel 1909 [9]
(Range Road 190 at Twp Road 572)

Russo-Greek Church at Peno Russo-Greek Church at Peno

Peno Hall and the St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Orhtodox Church 1909 [10]
(Range Road 190 at Hwy 45)

Peno Hall Peno Hall sign St. John the Baptist Peno

Most of these churches are well maintained. Some have very impressive names! The next two buildings were built by congregations that fought court battles over ownership.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church at Star-Peno 1927 [12]
(Range Road 193 Sth of Hwy 45)
Followed by Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church (Also known as Russo-Greek Catholic Orthodox Church of Transfiguration of Star) at Star-Edna 1913 [13]
(Range Road 192 Sth of Twp Road 564)

Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church Star-Peno outhouses Blessed Virgin Mary church Star-Peno Blessed Virgin Mary church Star-Peno

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