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BC is a scenic, vibrant province on the wet West Coast of Canada.
(This page has miscellaneous pictures that fit nowhere else)
The population of more than 4.2 million occupies a land area greater than the combined area of California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho states.
Over half of the population is squeezed into the relatively small Lower Mainland that surrounds the city of Vancouver. I have web pages concentrating on Vancouver and interesting regions. Some miscellaneous photos from other BC areas are shown below.

East of Vancouver is Abbotsford and Langley. Abbotsford has a famous air show and great views of Mt. Baker across the border.

Abbotsford plane and Mt. Baker Abbotsford F16 and Mt. Baker Willoughby Way in Langley

BC roadside scenery ranges from snowy mountain curves to desert grasslands.

Osoyoos Lake, BC BC Grasslands Helmcken Falls Lillooet train station in snow Car accident north of Blue River BC

Summer is a time for heat and forest fires.

Highway 5 fire at sunset Great Garnet fire outside Penticton

Autumn brings salmon runs on the Adams River.

Adams River salmon run Adams River salmon

Industrial BC includes Revelstoke Dam, the WAC Bennett Dam and the BC Mining Museum at Brittania Beach.

BC Mining Museum at Brittania Beach BC Mining Museum BC Rail at Brittania Beach

A Note on Names:
I usually refer to my home province as B.C. or BC since "British Columbia" is so obviously inaccurate and inappropriate. This province is neither particularly Columbian nor British. The Columbia River does start in BC but it enters the Pacific Ocean between the American states of Oregon and Washington.
The Columbia part of the name confuses many people. We are many thousands of kilometres from the country of Colombia or any land that was visited by Christopher Columbus.
Anyway, which clear thinking modern person would want to honour an explorer who was justly sent home in disgrace, bound in chains, from the Caribbean?
BC is certainly not particularly British. BC started as a British colony but the political and emotional connections now are much stronger towards the Asia Pacific region and mainland Europe. The population in BC is quite cosmopolitan with large Chinese, German, East Indian, Dutch and East European populations.
The early colonial name for the colony was New Caledonia but that particular name was appropriated by the French explorers in the South Pacific.
The native population was largely protected by a rugged coast, climate and mountains. This helped to slow the 19th century takeover through settlement and force of arms. The rugged landscape could not prevent a population crash brought on by smallpox and malnutrition. The native culture here developed into one of the world's great civilizations. Using cedar and bark, rather than steel and stone, they created some of the world's great art.
While I would not object to a new provincial name such as Canada Pacifica or BeeCee, I would prefer an appropriate name taken from a native BC language. I do not expect a name change any time soon.

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