William Ronald Reid

British Columbia native artist and sculptor

(January 12, 1920 - March 12, 1998)
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He was Canada's foremost modern artist. During the late eighties, I often visited Vancouver's Granville Island. There I marvelled at the ongoing creation of his great bronze masterpiece. The plaster cast was being modelled in a studio located near the Public Market and the Emily Carr School of Art.
Julius Reque at Flickr.com
The Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa shows a good Bill Reid overview and some excellent pictures of the Spirit of Haida Gwaii sculpture.
Bronze castings of this masterwork can be seen at the new Canadian Embassy on the Mall in Washington, DC and in the International Departures area of the Vancouver International Airport terminal building.
The same sculpture was used for the image on the Canadian $20 bill issued in 2004.
Other smaller examples of his work can be seen at the University of British Columbia's Museum of Anthropology. This museum contains the world's greatest collection of Northwest Coast native art. The building is one of architect Arthur Ericson's most striking designs.
You can find a lot more native art from Canada at my BC Totems page.

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