After twenty years online... THIS DOMAIN NAME IS NOW SALE AT SEDO.COM
Wayback Machine at as always backs up the Internet including this website.
Here is a Backup copy of from early in 2016.
I always thought of this site as a place to practise HTML, JavaScript and Active Server Pages.
I dreamed that customers would notice and flock to my door asking for my services.
That never happened. Perhaps I am simply a lousy salesman;
but I remain a great -- even though unemployed -- software programmer.
So it goes.
After years of little readership and even smaller attention or revenue, I have now pointed my creative efforts in other directions.
Only a few web pages remain alive and online. They include:
Armstrong: Based on my first web page, it went live in early 1996.
BC Cassiar: I am getting advertising some revenue... so why not keep it going?
Han Suyin: One of my earliest and most famous web pages. (Mentioned in Wikipedia)
Rodin: Another famous web page. (Mentioned in Wikipedia)
Personal: A little personal info.
Visit my Contact Page for email, feedback information and Blog Links.
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