Belcher, McCoy, Armstrong, Hales, Kee and other families.

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Daniel William Belcher
(Jul 11, 1863 to Feb 20, 1901)
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Elizabeth Jane McCoy
(Belcher / Kee)

(Dec 22, 1872 to Oct 07, 1953)
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Liz Belcher and children
Liz Belcher, with her children Bert, Fred and Margaret
Liz Kee
"Grandma Kee" about 1945
born Tamworth, Ontario (near Kingston and about 180 miles from Watertown, NY)
also known as Lizzie Kee or Pema
Her father was William McCoy.
Her mother was Jane Hales (McCoy).
Her siblings were John Frederic McCoy (Dec 8 1867 / Jan 25, 1949),
Mary Lucinda McCoy (Aug 29, 1869 / Oct 9, 1884),
Margaret Jane McCoy (Bradley) (Apr 8, 1871 / Mar 26, 1960),
Harriet Alberta McCoy (Burrows) (Aug 8, 1874 / Jan 9, 1968)
and George McCoy (Feb 29, 1876 / Jul 1 1952).
By 1880 her family was settled in Huron County, Ontario. They lived 1/4 mile from the Kee family farm.
She moved with husband Dan Belcher to Idaho in 1896. After his death, she operated the Belcher & Legler grocery store in Pocatello.
A few years later she moved back to Canada and married Wesley Kee. They lived in Perdue, SK where she remained until 1945.
After a few years in Victoria, she moved to Vancouver, BC where she died.
She is buried in Colwood, Victoria, BC.
John Frederic McCoy married Aimy Eleanor Pugh and had a daughter named Ethel Bessie 'Ginty'. Ginty married Morris William Waldron. Their son Jim Waldron has done a lot of genealogical research. He owns many of the Armstrong and McCoy original documents used in my research.

William McCoy
(Feb 19, 1810 to Apr 16, 1896)
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Mary Sarah Armstrong (McCoy)
(1808 to May 14, 1869)
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Catherine 'Kate' Armstrong (Overin)
(approx. 1820 to after 1870)
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Jane Hales (McCoy)
(Aug 18, 1838 to Nov 01, 1914)
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Arthur McCoy
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James Armstrong
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Some of the names mentioned on this page include Daniel William Belcher, Elizabeth Jane McCoy, Jane Hales, Lizzie Kee, John Frederic McCoy, Mary Lucinda, Margaret Jane Bradley, Harriet Alberta Burrows, George McCoy, Wesley Key, Aimy Eleanor Pugh, Morris William Waldron, Mary Sarah Armstrong, Mary Whitton, Lucinda, Kate Armstrong Overin, Jane Vanderhoof Armstrong, Phoebe Hales, Harriet Hales, Peggy, Thomas and Christy McCoy.
Locations mentioned include New Orleans, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Albany, Rochester, New York; Copenhagen, Denmark, Lewis County, Watertown, New York; Manitou, Pilot Mound, Manitoba; Pocatello, Idaho; Coburg, Napanee, Ontario, Goderich, Huron County, Camden East, Halifax, Kingston, Gananoque, Prescot, Tamworth, Ontario; Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Dublin and Inniskillen, Ireland, Melbourne, Australia.

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