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Armstrong, Hales, Kee, West, Stewart

Waldron, Overin, Kingman, Byram and other families

Family History and Genealogy by Gregory Melle
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John Gibson
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(Dec 04, 1888 to Nov 25, 1959)
Margaret Elizabeth Belcher
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(Aug 06, 1899 to Mar 27, 1988)
John & Margaret Gibson's
Marriage and Children
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John and Margaret Gibson
Their children were Jean Margaret (1926 to 1936), Ann West (1928 to 1977), John Stuart (1931 to 1988), James Frederick (1931 to 2008) and my mother Ruth Elizabeth (1923 to 2007).
Jean, John and Jack Gibson
Jean, Jack and Jim
Ann West Gibson
Ann's Nursing Graduation
Gibson family
Ann, Ruth, Jeanie and the twins

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Some of the names mentioned on this page include John, James, Rachel, William, George, Mary, Estelle, Richard and Helen Gibson; Ann West Gibson, Kingman, Byram, John Stewart Gibson, Mary West and James Stewart, Ruth and James; Florence Seaborn; Margaret Elizabeth Belcher, Jack, Jim, Frederick.
Locations mentioned include Medford, Boston, Massachussets, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Perdue, Winnipeg, Manitou, Manitoba; Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Pocatello, Idaho; Langley and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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