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Dr. Max Ephraim Melle
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(Jan 31, 1870 to Dec 31, 1940)
Agnes Sauerland
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(Jun 21, 1891 to Mar 01, 1944)
Therese Frieda Nicolai
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(Nov 19, 1883 to Mar 25, 1955)
Max and Frieda were reportedly married Jan 31, 1908. Their children were
Lucie Jeanette Nicolai (France, 1904)
Edward Conrad (New York, 1907 to 1986)
Thomas Max (Montreal?, 1910 to 1974)
Nicolai Ancestors
Fritzie Frieda Melle Montreal
Frieda was born in the town now known as Kéthen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.
She was also known as Frieda Nikolai Melle or Aunt Fritzie or Paula Ephraim.
She stated that she arrived in Hoboken, NJ on the steamer St. Louis in 1902.
She apparently arrived in New York Mar 4, 1906 with Max. (Or perhaps it was 1908 in Quebec City; or maybe she travelled back and forth).
From 1908 to her death, she remained living in the Montreal area.
She died in Montreal and was cremated and buried there.

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Some of the names mentioned on this page include Frieda Nikolai Melle, Lucie Jeanette Nicolai, Edward Conrad Melle, Thomas Max Melle, Agnes Sauerland (Ada Melle), Prudence Gertrude Melle, Luella Patricia Melle, Milton Melle and Max Ephraim.
Locations mentioned include Montreal, Vancouver, Canada, Quebec, New York, Dusseldorf, Germany and Kéthen, Saxony-Anhalt.

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