Maine and New Brunswick 2003

especially Saint John, NB to Eastport, ME

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In December 2003 I made two visits to the American state of Maine to install some paper mill software. This included a lot of trans-Canada flying and some long frustrating work days.
I flew into Saint John, New Brunswick on both trips. From there I drove 120 km on winter highways to Woodland and Calais Maine.
Saint John has some attractive areas. But it is also the home to Canada's largest Oil Refinery, biggest Shipyard and many other industries such as this Paper Mill. All are owned by the Irving family which completely dominates the local economy. Saint John is also the home of a very polluted river.
Saint John NB house Saint John NB paper Saint John NB river
Here is a view of the Domtar paper mill in Woodland, Maine. The houses are built quite close by. The best restaurant in town is at the Irving truck stop. In New Brunswick and Eastern Maine, Irving is bigger presence than Standard Oil or McDonald's.
Domtar Woodland Maine Irving gas station
I stayed in Calais, Maine. That is a short walk and a big border from St. Stephen, NB.
St.Stephen from Calais
I found this hydro-electric power plant to be of interest. One half is in the US and the other half in Canada.
Power plant view Power plant view

On my last day in Maine I finally had time to explore and take a few more photos. Just south of Calais is St. Croix Island where the first French settlement in North America was founded -- at least briefly -- in 1604.
The first photo is of the island. The second is from a nearby memorial park.
St. Croix Island Red Beach
I stopped in Eastport, the easternmost city in the US.
Eastport Eastport
South of town I stopped for a view of the bridge to Campobello Island. The output from this woodcarving shop caught my eye.
Campobello view Campobello view Eastport Eastport
I took a route through the forests on the way back to the border. Past the 'Rainbow Motel' and a roadside graveyard near Dennysville.
Rainbow Motel graveyard
I was fascinated with the bright colours in the winter vegetation.
Maine Winter Maine Winter
I tried out my camera's telephoto zoom mode as I flew into Montreal on the way back.

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