Gregory Melle's Contact Page

My name is Gregory Melle.

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I was blogging regularly for several years but that faded.
More recent creative efforts have used the CanadaGood user name to post photos at
and Tweets at
My ex-Dog's Gizmo's page on Twitter still has thousands of Followers.

I created several blogs to cover the variety of subjects that interest me.

  • Active Alert World
    is my blog for Rants and random jottings about international and local events, politics, foibles and ecology.
  • Active Alert Data
    is my blog for Thoughts on software development, modern business and my career aspirations.
  • Active Alert Travel
    is my blog for photos, rants and raves about past and future travels and interesting locations.
  • Active Alert is my primary blog for anything left over.

After travelling the world and living in several parts of Western Canada,
I returned to my roots and now live in the suburbs of Vancouver BC Canada.

My hopes of software employment remain dim, but I have bright hopes for a poor but happy retirement.
I dream of long travels ahead.

Corrections, useful comments and interesting opinions are always welcome.
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(I am keeping my, and domain names for future use.).

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