New Orleans, Louisiana and Mississippi Coast

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This page illustrates a trip that I made with my friend Brenda in February 2004. I had previously visited Louisiana in 1997. This page concentrates on the pre-Mardi Gras Carnival parades. Parades start in early January; by the week before Mardi Gras day, two or three happen each day in the New Orleans area. The weeks before Mardi Gras have a family atmosphere and can be a good time to go.
These photos show the situation before Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.
This page shows a snapshot of the area 18 months before the destruction of Hurricane Katrina.
The Gulf shore and Mississipppi delta are great areas for photography.
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New Orleans, Louisiana Main
New Orleans, Louisiana Streetcar
New Orleans, Louisiana Details
New Orleans, Louisiana Meals
I had some great food and and great meals. My lunch at Uglesich's Restaurant was quite awesome.
Uglesich store Uglesich food Uglesich shucker
Louisiana Bayou
Louisiana Plantations
Orange Beach, Alabama
Mobile, Alabama
Mardi Gras Parade Fantasies
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