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This shows my personal observations from New York City.
My 2006 New York visit is shown at my NYC 2006 page.
My World Trade Center memories are shown on my NYC WTC page.
For this Canadian visitor, New York made a huge impression during five short visits.
My visits ranged from July 1970 to July 2006. The view of great skyscrapers rising from the busy harbour makes this one of the world's greatest tourist destinations.
As I walk up Broadway the building views combine with animated street level bustle. This is a great city for people watching.
Click on the following images to see a larger and better view.
There are many sidewalk food sellers in New York City. Hot dogs, fruit and Middle Eastern foods are popular. Food Cart
I met this happy sidewalk merchant during my Broadway stroll. Street seller
Between the high-rise structures you can find tiny remnants of the past such as this fire station and a hardware store. NYC Firehouse Manhatten Hardware store
These are American icons: the New York Stock Exchange is seen from the steps of Federal Hall. The statue of George Washington marks the spot where he took his oath of office as first American president. Wall Street
In and around Central Park there is plenty to keep one occupied for days. Here I show the Columbus Circle entrance to the park and a horse carriage entering from Sixth Avenue. Central Park view Central Park view
The November 1998 leaves were very colourful. I encountered these two New Yorkers strolling along the bridle path. I sought the most photogenic view across Fifth Avenue to the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art. Central Park view Guggenheim from Central Park
The big fashion colour in New York in the late nineties was black - as seen in a Madison Avenue shop. My other Madison Avenue photo shows the Whitney Museum of American Art. Madison Avenue Madison Avenue
Metropolitan Museum Metropolitan Museum I could have spent days at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. As it was, I spent about five hours. I include two pictures of the main entrance.
Metropolitan Museum Metropolitan Museum The Metropolitan Museum of Art is on the edge of Central Park. The atrium areas provide fine views. The roof of the Met is a great spot to relax and drink in the scene. That's me in the second of these photos.
Renoir Renoir Most visitors were fashionably dressed. Non-flash photography is allowed in most areas of the Met. The second view shows one of the Renoir pastels on display. I had never been a Renoir fan until I saw these. Now one of my favourite painters.
Egyptian Temple Tiffany Glass A pair of young visitors recorded their Egyptian impressions with a sketchbook. Another art lover admired a Tiffany stained glass window.
Not far south of Central Park is Rockefeller Center. There were big Saturday crowds in the plaza to see the skaters and the scaffolded Christmas tree being decorated. Just behind the red tour bus is the street level studio so familiar to fans of NBC's Today show. Rockefeller
On Sixth Avenue - also known as the Avenue of the Americas - I noticed a couple of disarmed Venus de Milos. NYC Venus
Times Square Just a five minute walk to the south-west is the crazy visual splash of Times Square. Times Square
Times Square This Times Square picture includes an old building wall uncovered by recent construction. It appeared to advertise "L.A.Keane's Carriage Manufactury". An older world is hidden behind all the glare. The Brill Building and the old Broadway theatres are nearby.
Times Square Modern Times Square advertising is much more garish and not at all subtle. Times Square

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