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There are several small European towns named Melle:
Melle, Belgium has a bicycle road race, a museum, 10,000 inhabitants and some great beer. It is just South-East of Ghent. The municipality has a Dutch language web site. It includes local photos and civic information.
Melle, Italy is a small village in the Italian Alpine foothills.
The small city of Melle, France has a number of web sites. PaysMellois, Mellecom.fr and the Melle Office de Tourisme.
Melle, Germany has a civic web site that is mainly in German. It is situated near the city of Osnabrück.
This Melle is a world centre for both fish food and Balloon Art!!!
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A good source for European maps is at ViaMichelin.]
I have read rumours about Slovenian, Norwegian and Austrian Melle surnames.
In 1997 I made a brief visit to New Melle, Missouri.

Lola Melle McLanis discovered some interesting Melle research. She provided information on the following people and places:
1819: George Alexander von Melle was born in Hamburg, Germany.
He was the son of Johan Ulrich August von Melle. He studied in Germany and qualified as a surgeon/apothecary.
1841: He moved to Cape Town, South Africa where he married and had 8 children--5 girls and 3 boys. The three sons were Theodore Albert Charles, James Abercrombie Gordon, and George James McCartney.
1855: George took his family to Germany to introduce them to his parents. Because he had been in S.A. for 14 yrs., he was no longer recognized as a German subject and was given a passport as a naturalized British subject.
1875: George passed away at the age of 56.
George James McCarthy was born and died in South Africa. His two sons, Basil von Brandeis Melle and Henry Augustus Melle, also were born and died in S.A. Basil was a Rhodes scholar.
There are rumours and speculation on James Abercrombie Gordon Melle. He came to the U.S. to visit Theodore Albert Charles Melle and apparently, that was the last anyone ever heard of him. He may have died in the San Francisco earthquake.
Theodore Albert Charles Melle emigrated to America in the 1860's, and all of his children and descendants are all accounted for.
Basil George von Brandis Melle and his son Michael George Melle were first-class Transvaal Cricket players.
Alison Melle Just of S.A. has done some research. She found out that there are several streets and monuments named Melle as well as the von Melle Park at the University of Hamburg.
She found a book written in 1928, by a Dr. Werner von Melle which includes a section on Melle history.
There is speculation that this particular Melle family's original name was Mellen. In this early von Melle family, the children have von Mellen and von der Melle surnames.

A Kathleen Melle wrote to tell me of her Melle relatives in Yugoslavia. I would like to receive more information.
There are several Melle families in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
I received a message from Garth D. Melle in Regina. His family was from Austria.
In 1999, I talked to Gil Mellé on the phone. He was a well-known jazz musician who created electronic musical scores for movies and recorded albums for Blue Note Records. He was also an authority on antique microscopes. His musical surname is only a stage name though. His original birth name was Gil Mellay -- which is exactly how he pronounced the 'Melle' name. His web site registration has recently lapsed.

Elling Melle wrote from Nokomis, Florida, to provide information on Melle connections in Norway:
His Norwegian "family appear on the slopes of the mountain 'Mellshorn' at the end of Oerstafjord, a little south of Aalesund on the Norwegian West coast".
"The area is known as 'Melle-bygda' (Melle community) and was almost exclusively populated by family members on small farms and Salmon fisheries in the first half of this century".
Capt. Emil Bredenbek Melle (born May 22, 1878, died June 16, 1950) was the oldest of 12 born to Johannes Melle (born 1848) and Eugenie Bredenbek (born 1853). "Where Johannes Melle was born I am not sure, but there are connections to Bergen which had strong connections to the 'Hanseatic'. Grandmother Eugenie was known to have come from Bergen, but with the family name (Bredenbek) almost certainly originating in Germany.."
"Today the Melle name, with roots in Norway has many members in the US, and elsewhere in the world as several of Father's siblings emigrated, and all were 'productive' :-)".

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