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My photo in October 2011.

Gregory 2011
Most of my employment has been in and near my hometown of Vancouver, BC Canada. I have been back and forth to the prairies -- Alberta and Saskatchewan -- several times and returned to BC once again in 2012.
I have never been married, but came close.
I did spend several years doing software work in the American states of Mississippi and California. I have a version of my software-related work history here.
I have also worked as bartender, waiter, construction worker and first aid attendant. I have a few photos covering these careers at my Canada Work page.
From 2008 to 2010 I studied and passed thirteen independent study courses at Athabasca University.
While I have sometimes enjoyed good wages, I am far from wealthy. My finances are generally improving and I just might retire in better financial condition than I had hoped.
I am generally good at ducking below the crap that life occasionally flings in my direction. When my career is going in the wrong direction though I am quite willing to take a step back and then make necessary sideways steps.
I have been working on this web site since 1996. I make little income from this. After measuring hosting fees I am still in the red and that is not accounting for the thousands of hours of work that it has taken me. But it has kept me busy and creative. Someday I will figure out how to make the big bucks... feel free to offer suggestions.
Many people wonder about this NotSorry domain name... well my late brother's nickname was Sorry. I am certainly not him. So therefore, I am Not-Sorry.
Some saw the name as an arrogant statement about myself operating without any regrets. I always saw the name as simply meaning that visitors would be Not Sorry to visit.

Literature and Good Reading:
I have spent far too much time reading and creating on my computer. I used to have a big daily newspaper addiction but now read far more from magazine subscriptions. I tend to read them from cover to cover. I have had far less success on my food and caffeine addictions.
I enjoy reading books on Asian history and true modern adventures that take place anywhere on land or sea. I appreciate traveler tales from exotic locations. I rarely have the time to read fiction books.
I greatly appreciate browsing old book stores but really must stop buying so many books that I will not have time to read.
During my teenage years the prime activity of my life was reading Science Fiction -- especially Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton and Isaac Azimov. After thoroughly exploring that genre though I have rarely returned.
One of my favourite authors, but certainly far from the only one, is Han Suyin. I have read and owned many of her books.
I created a Han Suyin page because I could find nothing similar. (I really must do the same for a few more of my favourite authors).
I particularly like any book where the author endures some great adventure such as walking across India or working in the wilds of Borneo. Some of the best of these seem to be written by women authors for some strange reason. Rosie Swale, Agnes Newton Keith and Christina Dodwell are provided great examples. Great male authors of this genre include Wilfred Thesiger, Eric Newby and Heinrich Harrer.
My favourite work of fiction is On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I have read it at least ten times. It is a dangerous subversive book that forces me to hit the pavement and travel. It is hard to stay in one place after that inspiration.

Visual Arts:
My artistic appreciations range from Vermeer and El Greco to Japanese Woodblock Prints. I am wowed by the way Rembrandt portrayed dark shadows and by the way that Vermeer and the French impressionists splashed light onto the canvas. I have a popular page devoted to the art of Rodin.

My travels included Around the World trips in 1975 and 2000. I also visited Europe in 1983 and 2003. I have been to Australia a total of three times. These adventures are all easy to find from my Default Index page. In 2007 I drove up to the lower Yukon and Northern BC. I put a lot of Totem Pole pictures online.
More recent photo trips have been to Italy, Texas and Western Canada.

Visual street and highway art is featured on my Automobiles page.
There are some great native Canadian art photos at my Bill Reid and BC Totems pages.

I have collected some Official Guidebooks to several World's Fairs. (Isn't a lot of fun?) I also have a small collection of art and souvenirs from my travels.

My favourite old movie is The Third Man. It is a dark story showing that there are principles more important than friendship. A unique soundtrack, great Graham Greene script and an amazing use of black and white shadows.
I have long had some favourite Japanese movies.
I only recently discovered the wonders of Japanese Anime Animated movies. Long used for either Porn or children's cartoons, now Anime is used for stunning adult films.

My favourite television shows range from old movies and documentaries, I do appreciate a wide variety. I am generally a sucker for both a good documentary and a good laugh.

Corrections, useful comments and interesting opinions are always welcome.
Visit My Contact Page for email, feedback, sales information and blog links. and domain names are both on offer for a reasonable price..
(I am keeping my, and domain names for future use.).

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