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Saskatchewan SK, Canada

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I spent ten months in Regina during 1996 to 1997. I made other brief visits in 1999 and 2011.
Regina geese The winter that I spent in Regina was their third coldest on record. I was surprised at how easily I survived the winter cold.
That is largely due to the great amount of sunshine. Regina records half of the cloudy days of those counted in my West Coast hometown. The annual rainfall is just 11 inches. Summers are normally warm, dry and pleasant.
Downtown Regina When this city warms up it has some nice advantages. The cost of real estate is reasonable and the local economy is booming.
This is the capitol of Saskatchewan and has a fine university.
The biggest claim to tourist fame is the RCMP national training centre and museum.
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The snow can be quite stunning when the sun shines through the frost on the trees. Regina snow Regina snow Regina snow

I lived on Retallack Street. This late winter view was from my apartment window.
The land is quite flat here, especially to the south and east. The highest hill near Regina is an artificial pile of dirt while the deepest valley is a railway underpass.

Regina Saskatchewan
Being the provincial capitol, the city provides a fair amount of cultural activities. The Legislative Buildings are perched on the shore of Wascana Lake. The big skies here produce spectacular sunrises. Regina Legislature Regina sunrise

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