Northern Europe Section of Year 2000 Trip

Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany

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This part of the trip went fairly fast. Trains and ferries in cool weather.
I spent two nights in Cologne, Germany.
Scandinavia went by fairly quickly. I took the train on April 13 from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, Finland. The same day I took the ferry to Stockholm. This was followed by trains and ferries to Germany.
I noticed a lot of big baby carriages and a lot of clean streets. I took this photo in Stockholm.
Stockholm view

I spent a weekend in Cologne, Germany. I have been having good luck at tourist reservation offices. In this case they found me a 5-star hotel at a 2-star price. Hotel Savoy was a great place to rest and clean-up.
Cologne is dominated by its great 'Dom' Cathedral. The first two photos are a view from the train station and a view inside the church.
from Cologne Train Station Cologne cathedral
The next two pictures show the cathedral plaza plus a view of the cathedral and station from the hotel.
motorcycles at Koln Savoy Hotel
I think that Freud might have said that "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes a wiener is just a wurst" -- or words with a similar meaning.
Sausages Cologne Weiners Cologne
The last two photos were taken in the Cologne train station. The girl is handing out sample "filtered small cigars" while the police, dressed in attractive green, are scaring people with their dog.
Cigars Police

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