Burma (Myanmar) 1975

Featuring Rangoon (Yangon) Shwedagon and Pegu (Bago)

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This page shows a personal view of the country of Burma (also known in both ancient and modern times as Myanmar).
I visited Burma during the course of my 1975 world tour. At that time, it was only possible to get a seven-day tourist visa. I flew in June 15th on the weekly Air Burma flight. Rather than trying to see the whole country in a single week I stayed the whole time at Rangoon YMCA. It was a great place to get educated in the wonders of the black market.

As I wrote in a 1975 letter: Burma died sometime during the 1950's and hardly anything has been built, painted or done anything except deteriorate since. The only buildings kept in good shape are a couple of the embassies, two of the hotels and the temples and Pagodas. Shewdegon Pagoda is 320' [almost 100 metres] high and is covered with 9000 square feet of gold plating. Yesterday I travelled in a bus (crank to start!!!) of about 1935 vintage 44 miles north to Pegu. Three hours each way! Another Pagoda and many along the way, the big sight being a very sirene looking reclining Buddha - 180' long.

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