Greece to France 1975

Including Paris, Parmier, Melle and Italy

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This page shows my personal view of a trip from the Greece border to France in 1975.

Close to the Greek border with Yugoslavia I waited with my thumb out. A tiny 1000 cc Simca stopped and offered me a ride. It was the best ride of my life! 2000 km across Yugoslavia and Italy to southern France close to Spain.
The only problem was this meant that my first trip across Italy was an 18 hour all-night drive.
The first picture was in Slovenia, the second morning view in Northern Italy.

New French Friends in Ljubljana, Slovenia Northern Italy in the morning

I spent a couple nights in Parmier. The next two photos were taken in the exact same spot.

Parmier, France Town 1975 Parmier, France Country 1975

French ch├ęteau, me in the town of Melle and the great window of Chartres.

Loire chateaux 1975 Gregory at Melle, France 1975 Chartres Window France 1975

Paris and the wonders of the Louvre.

view from Madeleine Church Paris 1975 Victoire de Samothrace in Louvre Paris 1975 Tombeau de Philippe Pot, Louvre, Paris 1975 Tombeau de Philippe Pot, Louvre, Paris 1975 Tombeau de Philippe Pot, Louvre, Paris 1975 Persian (?) dog, Louvre, Paris 1975

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