Japan Food and Drink in 1983 and 1985

Including Tsukaba Fish Market and Tokyo Restaurants

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This page shows my personal view of the Tokyo area of the country of Japan as visited in 1983 and 1985.
You can also see my spring 2000 visit as shown at my Japan 2000 and Tokyo 2000 pages.

Japan provides plenty to eat and drink.
One of the big surprises was the many vending machines on busy street corners. They offer everything from coffee to beer to porn. Vandalism is rare in Japan.
You can also find the regular western brand names.

Tokyo beer vending machines Tokyo beer vending machines Tokyo porno magazine vending machines Tokyo KFC ising Tokyo fast food

The basements of department stores are a convenient place to stock up -- restaurants can be extremely expensive.
I think that the kid was trying to beat the summer heat at his parents food stall.
Outside many Japanese restaurants there are plastic reproductions of the food inside. This is very convenient for tourists.
I ate a lot of convenience store takeout food.

Tokyo depato food floor Tokyo department store food floor Tokyo sidewalk vegetable market Tokyo restaurant plastic food Tokyo restaurant plastic shabu Tokyo restaurant plastic deserts Tokyo restaurant plastic noodles Tokyo my Lawson takeout lunch

One of the great sights of Japan is the Tsukiji Fish Market. It is the world's busiest and there is a vast variety to see, buy and taste.

Tokyo Tsukiji tuna Tokyo Tsukiji market Tokyo Tsukiji market Tokyo Tsukiji tiny squid Tokyo Tsukiji fish

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