Tokyo Japan City Sights 1983 and 1985

Including Downtown, Shinjuku and Nihonbashi

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This page shows my personal view of Tokyo city sights in Japan as visited in 1983 and 1985.
You can also see my spring 2000 visit as shown at my Japan 2000 and Tokyo 2000 pages.

I love Japanese travel. It is big and ugly and expensive and confusing; but it is also vibrant and colourful and surprising.
Tokyo is a very big brach and exciting city. The viewpoints here include Tokyo Tower and the Sunshine 60 Building. The pictures include the Diet Building and the Imperial Palace Gardens.

Tokyo Sunshine 60 view Tokyo Diet Buidling Tokyo Ginza street Tokyo Imperial Palace Tokyo Imperial Palace walls

The Shinjuku area surrounding the world's busiest train station is exciting day and night.

Tokyo Shinjuku station and area outside Tokyo Shinjuku station outside Tokyo Shinjuku station outside Tokyo Shinjuku station outside Tokyo Shinjuku station Tokyo Shinjuku noodle shop Tokyo Shinjuku soapland

Strange sights on city streets include a policeman on bicycle making a stop; an Orthodox Church; unlocked bicycles and the most famous bridge in Japan.
All measurements are made from Nihonbashi and it is hidden under an elevated freeway.

Tokyo Street traffic cop and truck Tokyo orthodox church Tokyo station bicycle parking Tokyo nihonbashi under freeway Tokyo street advertising Tokyo street advertising

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