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I made an eight week world-tour from March to May 2000.
The round-the-world circle was completed from Canada to Japan to China to Russia to Europe to Canada.
Most of the travel was on planes and trains.

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Photos and descriptions of Tokyo, and new Japanese friends, are shown at my Tokyo 2000 Page.
The New China astonished me just as much as the Old did.
These impressions are shown at China New 2000 and China Old 2000 pages.
My Beijing to Moscow train adventures are at a Russia Railways 2000 page.
Information and pictures on St. Petersburg and Moscow are found are at the Russia 2000 page.
Photos from Scandinavia and Germany: Northern Europe 2000 page.
Paris is found at Paris 2000 page.
The final European parts of this trip are at Milan 2000, Spain 2000 and Lisbon 2000 pages.
Later, I added a separate Art 2000 page
Gregory departure Gregory return
My trip photos start with me waiting for the bus to Seattle.
They end with me standing on the Brooklyn Bridge in the city of New York.
(More of my New York photos are shown on my popular New York page).
I was full of experiences and stories. I was fit and healthy and somewhat thinner.
Much of the content here was edited and uploaded during the trip.
The final leg was a flight back to Seattle with Frontier Air on May 1, 2000. That was 7 1/2 weeks since I left Canada.

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