Some Vancouver Area Beaches

British Columbia (BC) Canada

Sun, sand and sunsets by Gregory Melle
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Vancouver are has some great beaches. This shows some of the best.

Vancouver waters are a combination of clear ocean water and muddy water from the Fraser River.

Spanish Banks beach view Vancouver BC Greg at Spanish Banks about 1983 Vancouver BC
The mud is a great feature. It provides the building material for both great delta farmlands and the tidal sand banks that make such great beaches. The mud also absorbs heat from the sun. This is why Vancouver summer water temperatures are so much warmer than those found much farther south in California. Vancouver has great tides and currents. Vancouver Island shelters Vancouver City from the direct brunt of North Pacific storms.

There are outdoor heated pools at Second Beach and Kitsilano Beach. The Kits Pool features the Kits Showboat which hosts free amateur summer evening shows. The various beaches have distinct personalities. Kits is a favourite for sunsets and beach party romance.

Second Beach view of Vancouver BC Kits Beach view of Vancouver BC Kitsilano Pool Showboat, Vancouver BC Kitsilano Pool high tide sunset, Vancouver BC Kits Beach Pool high tide sunset, Vancouver BC

My first construction job was doing first and labouring on the construction of a great stone wall at Sunset Beach. (Just a few years later the Parks Board covered the whole thing up except for the few inches. Good planning).
I once caught this view of a sailboat stuck on the rocks across from the Planetarium.
The strong tides and currents also caught this fishing boat at the end of Spanish Banks.

Sunset Beach seawall construction, Vancouver BC Sunset Beach yacht capsize, Vancouver BC Spanish Banks stuck trawler, Vancouver BC

Walking from Spanish Banks one comes to Towers Beach below UBC. Further along, between cliff-side forest and the mouth of the Fraser River is Vancouver's most famous beach. Wreck Beach is a clothing optional nudist area. (You won't see much nude naughty bits here. Taking telephoto close-ups are discouraged).

Wreck Beach - Towers Beach view, Vancouver BC clothing optional Wreck Beach nudist Wreck Beach, Vancouver tidal river flat booms Wreck Beach, Vancouver breakwater at Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC

Another unique beach in the area is White Rock near the US border. This is another tidal area perfect for sandcastle building. They had massivly attended contests in the eighties until drunken evening parties drove the event out of town.

sandcastle contest view, White Rock, BC sandcastle whales at White Rock, BC sandcastle contest at White Rock, BC

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