Older Sixties and Seventies Pictures from Vancouver

The West End and North Vancouver

A personal travel view
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In 1968 I moved from a big house in North Vancouver to a small apartment in the West End.

It was a good move. I shared with my sister, mother and Cinnamon the dog. When the snows came and the pipes burst we made friends Evelyn and Margaret from Clydebank, Scotland.

North Vancouver, Edgewood Road 1966 Vancouver West End, Suzanne Vancouver West End, Cinnamon dog Vancouver West End, 1019 Gilford Street Vancouver West End, Snow on Gilford Street 1968 Gilford Street: Evelyn, Marg and Zanne on Boxing Day, 1968

I made a few friends and made it through King George Secondary School to graduation.

West End West End, Charity Mason West End, Friend and Ditlow West End, After Graduation
Grad Picture: Front: Pam Irons and Donna Nelson. Back: Steve Lengenfeller, Judy Lemire, Michelle Thackray, Tom Mellor
My brother David came for visits and everyone had fun in the park.

Vancouver 1969 Sorry West Vancouver Lighthouse Park Party Easter Be-In about 1970 Greg at Vancouver Be-In about 1971 AJ Wilson at Easter Be-In about 1972 Bands at Vancouver Be-In about 1971 Montreal friend at Easter Be-in Gregory at Easter Be-in about 1970

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