What Was New: Year 2005

Saanich, Crofton, Edmonton, Barriere, BC, Alberta

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Unlike my former frequent output I am currently only producing one of these Whats-New pages per year.
I spent much of the first half of 2005 working on an unending software development project; then from June to October, I worked on a good software conversion contract in Vancouver. This was a year when I stayed close to my roots and close to home.
Though it really was a busy summer but I was not necessarily having fun. I sold my little East Vancouver condo and spent most of the summer either packing and moving or searching for a new place. It was surprisingly hard it is to buy a good place within an easy commuting distance of Vancouver. I raised my budget and looked further afield until I finally took a serious look at mobile homes. I liked what I saw and recently moved into an older trailer park in Surrey.
In May I made a road trip to Edmonton, Alberta to check out a few job prospects. The weather was less than perfect and I took few photos. Outside the town of Barriere, BC I was particularly fascinated with the contrast between the deep green colours of new growth and the dark shadows from the intense 2003 McLure Fire.
View of McLure Fire / Barriere BC View of McLure Fire / Barriere BC View of McLure Fire / Barriere BC
In June, I made a quick trip to Victoria on Vancouver Island. I really should visit there more often.
I drove up island and returned from Nanaimo. These photos are from West Saanich and looking north from Crofton.
View of West Saanich trees View of Crofton Islands

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