Not Sorry
Not Sorry Womens Day

Women feel as though we have to apologize — constantly. Even when it isn’t necessary. What is that nonsense, anyway?

Presenting: the Sorry Jar. Just as swear jars are meant to clean up foul mouths, this jar is meant to create awareness for an involuntary response that undermines women’s worth, making us feel like our ideas, questions and opinions are somehow less valuable.

Said “Sorry, this might be a stupid idea…” instead of “I have an idea.”? That’ll be a quarter. “I’m sorry” when you meant “Excuse me”? Pay up, sister.

Apologized when you accidentally spilled an entire Starbucks on your coworker’s vinyl toy collection? That’s the appropriate use of the word, so carry on.


By helping each other — the guys, too — change this one, seemingly small bad habit, we can start to condition ourselves out of this harmful way of thinking.

The money your office collects can go towards anything: a pizza party, an office margarita machine, an organization that promotes gender parity. Or you could replace those vinyl toys, if you’re feeling really guilty.

So what do you say?





You can make change in your own home or office. Click below to download the campaign poster, along with your favorite jar label or wallpaper design.



5x4 Jar Labels

11x17 Poster

Desktop wallpaper

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